May 27-30, 2015
Grand Rapids, MI

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A Grand Enterprise

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Keynote/Plenary Speakers

Professor Scott E. Denmark

Lewis Base Activation of Lewis Acids: An Evolving Paradigm for Catalysis in Main Group Chemistry

11:00am – Wednesday 27 May 2015

University of Illinois

Professor Denmark is primarily interested in the invention of new synthetic reactions and elucidating the origins of stereocontrol in novel, asymmetric reactions. The current emphasis in his laboratories focuses on the relationship between structure, reactivity and stereoselectivity in a variety of organoelement processes.

Headshot of Scott Denmark

Joan F. Brennecke

Headshot of Joan Bennecke

5:00pm – Wednesday 27 May 2015

Ionic liquids (ILs) are organic salts that have sufficiently low melting points that, in their pure state, they are liquid around room temperature. We will discuss how ILs can be designed for a variety of important energy-related applications. We will show ILs for gas separations, including removal of CO2 from post-combustion flue gas, pre-combustion gases, and natural gas.

We will also discuss the use of ILs for two different types of refrigeration systems: IL/water absorption refrigeration and CO2/IL co-fluid vapor compression refrigeration. Both of these offer environmental advantages over conventional technology while improving coefficients of performance. Next, we will show how the structure of the anion and cation can improve the "ionicity" of ILs, which is important in the use of ILs as electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries, dye sensitized solar cells and supercapacitors.

Dustin J. Mergott

5:00pm – Thursday 28 May 2015

The current challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry have been well-documented and extensively debated. Indeed, pharmaceutical drug discovery is a complicated endeavor. Fortunately, new discovery approaches are emerging to address these challenges. An overview of these drug discovery approaches along with specific case studies will be presented.

Headshot of Dustin Mergott

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